9 Things You Should Prepare Before Doing DIY Bathroom Remodeling Project

A bathroom remodeling project is a challenging task, yet, it is exciting and fun. Remodeling a bathroom is time and money-consuming. However, when it is done and you can start enjoying the fresh look and new features of your bathroom, you will feel that it is worth. Here are several things that you need to prepare before starting a bathroom remodeling.

#1. Plumbing Fixture and Features

The major thing for a bathroom remodeling is replacing the fixture and features of the bathroom, such as the shower, shower head, bidet, toilet, sink and faucet. Those things are several things that usually need to be updated during the bathroom remodeling. However, it strongly depends on your budget. If your budget is tight enough, then replace the one that really needs to be replaced.

#2. Cabinet, Storage or Shelving

Cabinet, storage or shelving is one of the important parts on the bathroom that must exist. In case of a small room, these can create a tricky problem. While they need to look stylish, they should be able to accommodate all the bathroom stuff within a reachable area.

#3. Shower Door

Some people prefer to change the shower door once it is severely damaged. But, while doing a remodeling bathroom project, it is better to change the shower door as well. It can add some more value in your renewed bathroom.

#4. Ventilation

Bathroom is a room that is mostly in a wet condition; hence, adequate ventilation is needed. The lack of air circulation of your bathroom can cause your bathroom damp and is not good for your health. Thus, the good planning of ventilation is absolute required – choose a right fan, in a right position for its installation and plan the electrical wiring for its power.

#5. Flooring

The most important criterion before deciding the flooring for your bathroom is the durability and slip-resistant. Whatever choice you have chosen, it must be filled this criterion.

#6. Wall

The wall style and color can be the major subject for the entire bathroom appearance. As for the material, you can use most common materials, such as ceramics, marbles, and granite tiles, depending on your budget. As for the recommendation for the bathroom wall, it is better to make it in a harmony with the flooring design and color.

#7. Lighting

Natural light is the best; however, putting adequate lighting in a bathroom is a must. As for the references for the artificial light, at least, you have to use 4 watt per square meter, which is the advisable lighting for most bathrooms.

#8. Additional Hardware

To give a complete new look, changing the door handle and the drawer handle can also be a good idea. Though, it is a minor stuff, it can add some characters of the entire bathroom look

#9. Accessories

The accessories sound the minor part of a bathroom remodeling project. However, without any additional accessories, your new bathroom looks plain. As for the accessories, you can add a new towel, a mirror, a towel rack, etc.

The things above are several things you need to prepare before doing a bathroom remodeling project. Make detailed checklist as complete as possible to estimate your budget.

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